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Danger of Alcohol Overdose I Health and Nutrition

Danger of Alcohol Overdose I Health and Nutrition

This video presents Danger of Alcohol Overdose

Symptoms of Alcohol Overdose
People suffering from alcohol poisoning often show the following symptoms: vomiting, confusion, trouble breathing, seizures, low body temperature, bluish skin, and unconsciousness. Besides these symptoms, overdose can cause permanent brain damage in the years beyond.

Causes of Alcohol Overdose
The first cause of alcohol overdose is the sudden rise of ethyl alcohol level in the body . When a person drinks a large amount of alcohol in a short time, the level of ethanol will rapidly increase. Ethanol is often found in several kinds of alcoholic beverages, cooking extracts or household products. Isopropyl, methanol and ethylene glycol are other forms of alcohol which can lead to several types of toxic poisoning. Binge drinking is a pattern of abusing alcohol when people consume more than four drinks in two hours. An alcohol binge can happen over hours or last up to a few days.

When should you stop?
Unlike food, alcohol can be absorbed immediately after drinking and requires a long period to process. As most of the job is done by your liver, excessive consumption poses a risk of alcohol poisoning. If you consume different kinds of beverages at the same, your body requires more time to metabolize alcohol.

Risk factors

There are a plethora of factors that can intensify the risk of alcoholic intoxication such as
your weight and body size
overall health
eating patterns
whether you’re drinking while taking other drugs
The rate and amount of alcohol consumption
The amount of alcohol in the drinks.
Your tolerance level.

Prevention of Alcohol Overdose

Consume in moderation.
For women of all age brackets, up to one drink a day is recommended . For young men and under 65, the amount should be limited to 2 drinks per day. However, older men should only drink 1 per day to prevent health risks.
Fill up your stomach before drinking.
Even though food can not prevent your alcohol overdose, to some extent, it reduces alcohol absorption. Moreover, if you have a full stomach, the amount of beverage you drink may be lessened.

Talk to your teens about the matter
Teenagers are more likely to try new things, especially alcohol; therefore, parents and teachers should discuss the disadvantages of this substance with teens. Furthermore, never drink in front of your children. Be a good model first.
Keep the products in a secure place
To prevent accidental alcohol poisoning, keep alcohol-containing products out of your children’s reach. Alcohol substances can also be found in household products like mouthwashes, cosmetics, and even medications. Therefore, parents having small kids should study carefully the ingredients and instructions of products to avoid unintended situations. Additionally, put all chemical products in high place.
Get follow-up care.
Follow-up care is especially important if you or your children have received alcohol-overdose treatment before. Consulting an experienced chemical dependency expert can help you prevent future binge drinking.

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