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Eat Away In Thane | Snacky Towers & Chinese Food | #DriveThruWithGG

Eat Away In Thane | Snacky Towers & Chinese Food | #DriveThruWithGG

Hello #GGSquad, how are you? In this video, I show you a takeaway joint in Thane named Eat Away. They are known for their snacky towers and chinese food. How was it? Watch the video till the end to know about it 🙂

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Eat Away: Shop no. 8, Shree Ramkrishna Nagar, opp. Sadguru Gardens, Thane East, Thane, Maharashtra 400603

Timings: 3 pm – 11 pm (please call as timings can change depending on the restaurant’s rules)

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Golgappa Girl on June 12, 2021

I scheduled it for 2 am instead of 2 pm 😞 Can’t believe I committed such a mistake after scheduling so many videos. Anyway, I hope this video reaches you & you enjoy watching it🥰💜

anuradha kamthe on September 16, 2021

Love your videos your voice lovely hair n your cheeks so cute not skinny like kareena kapoor pretty girl

PB on September 18, 2021

First of all you are lik baloon if u eat lik this surely u will blast😂

Akshay katke on September 18, 2021

Background Music Please

The Wedding Series Productions on September 20, 2021

Hey, I would like to invite you to my Express Kitchen in thane, would love to understand your views and feedback on the food we serve.. we serve Pizza / Pasta / Tikkas / Roti Rolls / Sandwiches & (Burgers / Fries / Nachos) will be added soon too !

I love the way you detail out the food you eat..

Plz let me know if you could take some time put for the same!

Nikeeta Sharma
Rocky Rolls Thane

Kalyani Kulkarni on September 20, 2021

You are so sweet 😚

MY VOICE on September 21, 2021

is it safe to have food outside……….we r touching so many things

Amrit on September 24, 2021

Mission fitness fail 😂

Amit Nimbolkar on September 24, 2021

Aab to muje jana hi padega😋

PPM on September 24, 2021

Do they give packet of dabur pudin hara with every bill🤣

pranesh gaikwad on September 26, 2021


Rohini on September 26, 2021

The only thing i watch your videos for is .. I just love watching you eating food 🤣🤣🤣u r so sweet💖

Shashi Rupwate on October 6, 2021

Madam ekdum gol gappey ki tarah lag rhai hai😂😂

Harshita Parihar on October 10, 2021

Do a vlog on your mother's food 😋I really want to see that. 😃😃

Navin Kurle on October 12, 2021

Hi which smartwatch u r wearing..?? please reply

Tarun Haresh on October 14, 2021

Di Plz Visit In Neral City Also

N Parab on October 23, 2021

Thanks for showing this place

Prachi Saldana on October 25, 2021

I can't sleep

mayur nandale on October 27, 2021

I like the way you explore the food.. you are beautiful too..

Kavi K on November 1, 2021


Prathamesh Shenoy on November 3, 2021

You looking so cute during that straw sip❤🤭

Zeeshan Ali on November 13, 2021


Rehan Patel on November 20, 2021

Best shawarma u have to come to mira road. National shawarma best in the town

Pooja Jaiswal on December 5, 2021

Heyy my name also pooja 😁and mein bhi Aapka trah Bhota Jada Khana pasand hai and Aapka yeah same dikha Thi hu 😚😂

Brain waves on January 15, 2022

👍🙏🙏🙏Kya kismat h tumare log khane ke paisa kaamaty h & tum khana kha kar paise kama rahi ho

Rani Chaudhary on January 15, 2022


Pratyush Patil on January 16, 2022

I am watching at 8 pm and I feel so hungry after watching this video 📹

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