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Eating Somalia!! Africa’s MYSTERY Cuisine!!

Eating Somalia!! Africa’s MYSTERY Cuisine!!

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🥔 NAFAQO: Mix mashed potato mix with salt. Pour in water and continue mixing. Cut a hard boiled egg in half and coat it with a clump of mashed potatoes. Mold into a circle, forming a ball and place in an orange coloring mix. Fry the balls and enjoy!

🐟 FRIED TILAPIA: Score the fish and pour in Mama Wiilo’s secret sauce (including vinegar, hot sauce, saffron and gedo masala). Fry until golden brown.
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🫖 SHAAH: Pour water into a teapot and bring to a boil. Pour in sugar, four scoops of black tea and nutmeg. Pour into a smaller container and add ginger and ground cardamom. Mix well. Pour back into a big tea pot. Pour tea through the strainer and then into a frothing cup. Add half and half and froth.
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🐄 BEEF SAMBUSA WITH BASBAAS: Basbaas: Mix onions, jalapeños, lemon juice, cilantro, salt, garlic, black pepper and cook.| Folio (sambusa wrapper): In a mixing bowl, add water, flour, olive oil and salt. Take the dough and form balls then flatten. Rub oil on dough and stack. Press the dough to flatten. Cut the folio into four quadrants. | Beef (filling): Blend onions and mix with salt, ground cumin, ground coriander, crushed red pepper, and a dash of ground turmeric. In a big pot, add ground beef and brown it for 30 minutes. Drain the beef. In a big pot, sauté chopped white onions. Add the beef. Add the seasoning. Cook for a few more minutes. ASSEMBLE: take one quadrant and fold it into a cone shape. Stuff with beef and seal the edges.

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🐐 WHOLE GOAT: Dry rub the outside of the goat using berbere, garlic powder, lemon pepper, cumin, nutmeg and crushed cardamom. Inside goat: Moist rub the inside of the goat with a mixture of garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice and bay leaves. Add in carrots, potatoes, celery and onions. Roast the goat for about 6 hours. Serve with Somali-style rice.

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.

If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show on September 15, 2021

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Sam LSD on January 8, 2022

"You have white people who eat this"

When Africans or Asians open these restaurants, it's mainly for their own… priority is their own community not whitePeople. But welcome if you are into our food.

Sam LSD on January 8, 2022

Somalia is 100% muslim.
Stop fabricating lies.

Sam LSD on January 8, 2022

Berbere is Ethiopian spice .

Alex Pers on January 8, 2022

No man, Somali men do drink alkohol, they dont care. But girls is not allowed to drink alkohol.

Houssein Ali on January 9, 2022

I liked the video and how it represented the rich food culture, but i have to disagree with the statement that in Somalia there is difficult to start/own a business if you are woman! I have visited Somalia, Somaliland and Ogaden (Ethiopia) and in all those places i have met many businesswomen🙌🏼 small businesses to hotel owners. I was so proud to see women do their things and follow their dreams. I can’t wait to go back and visit again. Love from Poland 🇵🇱

Safina on January 9, 2022

SOOMAALIYEY TOOSOO!!!! 😩❤️ walahy I’m so happy to see our food and culture in the media ❤️❤️

T Ikegwuruka on January 9, 2022

Interesting….sorry Somali chef this U.S. is not a melting pot to my ancestors/ADOS/Descendants of Slaves…..listening and viewing this video it mind boggles me how Descendants of Slaves/ADOS folk were terrorized&harassed when we created our communities&businesses but others who did not build anything and are NOT native to this U.S. soil can be left alone and prosper with their businesses #SMDH

Yakuse Mizhu on January 9, 2022

Looks good but come on men some food should be eaten with 🍴 fork & knife, Spaghetti, Rice ect. just because no one invented Fork in Somalia doesn’t mean it’s culture to eat Spaghetti with hands, you have the opportunity now.

Horn scope on January 10, 2022

Been bay ka sheegtay markay tidhi Somalia business waa male dominated. As a matter of fact, most businesses in Somalia is run by woman

stephin on January 10, 2022

12:37 hay there is beef fillied samosa available in india too you can find it in southern parts of India especially in Kerala .

stephin on January 10, 2022

I met a somali friend through telegram and she is awesome

Mema on January 10, 2022

Not me saying mmm every 3 seconds

Rania Masm on January 11, 2022

I just realise that you never went to Morocco!!!!?!?!?!?

Najib Salwe on January 11, 2022

I loved how halima put the whole fingers in her mouth while eating. Hhh

Najib Salwe on January 11, 2022

What is that hooyo talking about there many women entrepreneurs in Somalia and business women stop spreading propaganda.

Scarlytical on January 11, 2022

Yemeni here but bro Somali food is so underrated, Peace and Love to my Somali cousins <3

paradigm shift on January 12, 2022

You need to try Ethiopian food also its just amazing

FARHIA CUISINE🌹KUSHIN on January 12, 2022

So yummy 😋🇸🇴♥️♥️♥️♥️

Mubarak Ismail on January 13, 2022


علي الديني on January 13, 2022

Mashallah the model is so beautiful like my god.

DARUL AKHIRAH on January 14, 2022

Masha Allah walalayal 👏👏..
Insha Allah DARUL AKHIRAH waxuu idin so gudbinaya Muxadaro diini ah fadlan soo booqo kuso dhowow mahadsanidin.🌍🔑

MOHAMED on January 14, 2022

Somali r me <<ولد عم>> ❤

العبيدي القحطاني on January 14, 2022

كل الحب والتقدير والاحترام لشعب الصومالي الشقيق 🇾🇪🇸🇴

Samuel Corbett on January 15, 2022

Some of the best food I ever had and the tea is fantastic

zahra rashiid on January 15, 2022

16:18 take a burbery coat and rub it all on the meat😂😂

Mas on January 15, 2022

Amazing video, really good 👍

James Relativo on January 16, 2022

I wish we have African cuisine here in the Philippines too. Thanks to this channel, I've been learning a lot.

EricAndrew on January 17, 2022

Just so you know: The people from Somalia are called Somali and not Somalian.

M.I.L.I.T.I.A on January 17, 2022

Somali the best country and nightmare

Big fish Ke on January 18, 2022

It’s been long since I last had “Anjera” hope I spelt it right

Sai Ab on January 19, 2022

Great to see people enjoying eating together ❤ . Mostly I do invite my non somali friends to try eating somali food, guess what they don't go back any other food. The quality and care we put into, and also the price..oh yeah the PRICE.
One day will be starting my own ….. inshaa Allah

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