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EGYPT STREET FOOD GUIDE – Massive Egyptian Food In Downtown Cairo.

EGYPT STREET FOOD GUIDE - Massive Egyptian Food In Downtown Cairo.


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A day spent in cairo- Egypt, discovering its street food.

Tried their Koshari, a mixture of macronies,spaghetti,lentils,chickpeas,topped with tomato sauce and served with garlic vinegar and spicy sauce. I simply loved it!
And then tried beef sausages,very tender and tasted similar to beef seekh kabab.

Tried fried cauliflower which was very soft from inside with crispy topping.
Then Tried Baladi bread one with fawa beans,ful and tahini sauce. And the other one with falafel.
Both the sandwiches were extremely delicious.

Tried bazella,white boiled rice,white beans, soup with orzo pasta and it was just like beef’s stock. Then tried chicken roast that was splendid and tasted super delicious and tender(so far the best roasted chciken I’ve ever had)

Tried juice shots there of different fruits. Tried tamarind,sobia,tendereen and sugar cane juice and many more. Every shot was very refreshing and tasted good.

Tried their Malokhia(extremely delicious and fully recommended), then tried a pocket filled with eggplant,falafel,baba Ghanoush, and malokhia. That was just beyond explaination,extremely delicious and full of flavours.

Had our dessert from that place, called feteer. It was good,tasted just like puri topped with sugar.

Special Thanks to Ahmed For Drone Shots

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Rana Hamza Saif - RHS on December 29, 2021

It’s not band gobbi, it’s phool gobbi.
Hun thek ayy?

Yunas Badini on January 27, 2022

Baba gunok psand Ni ya to add q Kia 🤣

Cook With Jacaafe on January 27, 2022

Brother the background music is Somali

Cook With Jacaafe on January 27, 2022

I love Egyptian food

Cook With Jacaafe on January 27, 2022

What a wonderful vlog

tila Khan on January 27, 2022


Anas Nasir on January 28, 2022

Rana hamza bro really enjoying your videos amazing vlogs💯💯

Moonlight on January 29, 2022

Band gobi is call cabbage and Cauliflower is only call GOBI 🙂

sajidansarinoida sadia on January 30, 2022

We r india mughlai Panjabi food is best bullshit Egypt food

Yousef Mohamed on January 31, 2022

Welcome to Egypt

Mathew on February 5, 2022

It was great if use a bit English when explaining the food. Overall, good 👍

Johni Imtiaz on February 5, 2022

I personally enjoyed watching your entire video bro … Really amazing place to visit and food was extremely delicious 😋

Pakistan Food TV ® on February 7, 2022

Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah 🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹

Abrar hussain on February 11, 2022

South west africa kab chale gya egypt

Hjkayani on February 12, 2022

تقریبا،، لیکن یہ عربی لفظ ہیں

Hjkayani on February 12, 2022

سیویوں کے ساتھ چاول ابلے

Hjkayani on February 12, 2022

ملوحیہ کہ بھنڈی دی چٹنی 🙄

بابا گنوش پر پنجابی my sweet bro

Shaish lifestlye on February 13, 2022

Phool ghobi

cocktail TV on February 14, 2022

Oye hoye krna Sath Waliyon ko b Sekhaa du ..Oye hoye Oye hoye

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