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El Paso Stuffed Potato | Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri | Food Network

El Paso Stuffed Potato | Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri | Food Network

This not-so-average baked potato is topped with allll of the fixins, including beautiful, moist brisket.

Find it at Desert Oak Barbecue:
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El Paso Stuffed Potato | Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri | Food Network


Jordan B on July 28, 2020

wtf is that concoction

Patrick Schacht on July 30, 2020

Why does Guy keep emphasizing that it's in a strip mall? It's still a restaurant. It's not like it's in a food court in an indoor mall. There are plenty of great bbq restaurants around me that are in strip malls.

Morris Joshua on August 2, 2020


KT Kat on August 9, 2020

Just avoid Rudy's it's not BBQ it's too expensive and it's just not worth it

Donna Springston on August 10, 2020

Oh my do they mail order ??

HANDS ON TOPICS on August 13, 2020

59 seconds in is mclovin 😂

Anthony Mcqueen on August 26, 2020

Damn that looks delicious.

rebecca kargbo on September 1, 2020

The menue and the Smoker.

Theeee MLP Rider on September 2, 2020

Any turkey or chicken their?.

jesus aveitia on September 9, 2020

Just because he uses oak instead of mesquite doesn’t mean the food tastes better. also saying there no good bbq places in el paso means your probably not from el paso. go to state line and cattleman’s go to smokies on the east side.

Daffy Duck on October 9, 2020

Can't believe I never had this when I lived in el paso.

super gogeta2010 on October 22, 2020

0:06 HA how funny Guy fieri

ruben villalobos on October 25, 2020

This place is amazing

Olivia Buckland on December 10, 2020

915 represent

Max. Duh on January 2, 2021


MIKE GONZALEZ on January 2, 2021

Wonder what kind of beans those are? They look like pinto beans

lestudio76 on January 12, 2021

I hope all these DDDs survive covid

Edmond Lau on January 12, 2021

This place is legit. Just went there on Saturday. Got the stuffed baked potato and 3 meat. The potato is a beast. I’m not a big guy at 5’5”, 150 but I can finish one by myself. It’s something that will keep you full most of the day. Brisket is really good with nice smoky flavor. They’re not cheap but good BBQ never is. This place is much better than the chains we have here such as Rudy’s or Famous Dave’s. Beware as Desert Oak is closed on Monday and Tuesday and once they’re sold out for the day they’re closed.

111 222 on January 24, 2021

I am now convinced the customers are paid actors😂 I have never seen so many white people in one room in El Paso🤣

Derek Buckler on January 30, 2021

God that looks good, I really need to take a trip to El Paso

jose arriola on March 3, 2021

I got to find out where this is at so I can eat

brandon G on March 24, 2021

go to rib Hut🤦‍♂️

Bo "Wolf" Fraze on March 28, 2021

That potato looks like The Sadie's from Jambo BBQ in Burleson Tx baby sister!!!

losingskin on March 30, 2021

Got one to go and watching this while I eat 😂

ana sanchez on March 30, 2021

Le hubieran dicho a Guy q el toreado se come a mordidas!!!


That looked awesome. One for there, one for the road. Great video

moonlightxlines on April 18, 2021

These fake explanations from customers have always pissed me off but that lady saying it's zesty just did it for me smh

Pat Lynch on June 3, 2021

State Line BBQ on the west side is pretty good! I will try this soon.

Isis Heggs on June 24, 2021

With brisket in my opinion you only need salt and pepper the pork butt and ribs is a different story

Dumnutsmoothie on July 30, 2021

Came here for the first time today. I never really even liked bbq until today. It was too good

Carolyn Myers on November 2, 2021

Where is this East Side or The West side. ? My sister lives in El Paso and wants to go there. Address please. Thanks

Jason Walker on November 29, 2021

Not enough sour cream and cheese.

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