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Greece Street Food – ATHENS BEST STREET FOOD GUIDE!! CRAZY Greek Food tour in Greece!

Greece Street Food - ATHENS BEST STREET FOOD GUIDE!! CRAZY Greek Food tour in Greece!

Amazing Saturday Market in Greece!!

🎥 Day 4 in Athens:

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Welcome back to amazing Greece! This is our Athens Street Food series, and today we are continuing to explore Greek Street Food in the ancient city. Today, we are taking you to a fresh market only locals know about: Laiki Farmers’ Market. It is only open on Saturdays. We will be showing you the best Greek products you can try in the outdoor market, like honey, Kalamata olives, cherries and other amazing products grown in the south of Greece.
After, we will be eating more delicious street food including fried calamari (squid), souvlaki kebabs, and the famous falafels (vegetarian). We will also show you our favorite spot to grab a beer with a beautiful view. Let’s go!

Visit Info:
1 – Laiki Farmers’ Market
Kallidromiou 52-54, Athens
2 – Fried Calamari at Zisis Fish in Cone
Athinaidos 3, Athens
3 – Souvlaki kebab at O Thanasis
Mitropoleos 69, Athens
4 – Beer at Dióskouroi
Dioskouron 13, Athens
5 – Falafel at Falafellas
Aiolou 51, Athens

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We’re Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson, food lovers and world travellers! We make videos about local, authentic and unique foods from across the globe. We particularly like to sample street food across Asia. We are based in Taiwan where we frequent the best Taiwanese street food stops and create travel content to make finding food in Taiwan easier for YOU! Although we are based in Taiwan we travel the majority of the year around the world in search of the best food. We’ve filmed in Japan, The Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, Canada and the list is still growing! Our mission is to create content that is entertaining, informative, honest and fun! We love what we do and we are always grateful for your support! Thank you and see you on the next episode!
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Luke Martin on August 30, 2020

This is episode 5 out of 6 from GREECE! Next up we have videos from CANADA! Stay tuned and follow us here : &

ARATI BADAIK on October 6, 2020

Help me sir

YiChing on October 7, 2020

definitely want to try everything you eat after watching this

Mary Ann Cooking and Travel on October 15, 2020

Love it from music and food🍔🥞🍅🍑🍊

M.D NAJMI on October 18, 2020

Sabrina is actually becoming cute by every passing day.
Lovely couple ….. God bless you both.

Sylvia Christodoulou on October 18, 2020

I love Athens💕

Levent Yılmaz on October 18, 2020


Rafael Martinez on October 31, 2020

Magandang Tanghali po, Ako po si Rafael Martinez. Ako'y tao na nakaranas na Mild Autism. Sana po I-appreciate yung kondisyon ko. Ang ganda po yung Gresya, gustong-gusto ko, Nakakaumay po.

Rafael Martinez on October 31, 2020

Gustong-gusto ko yung kalamari. Masarap kapag may 🍋.

Tony Gilbert on November 9, 2020

was in greece for a year! miss it! thank u for this video! brought back great memories!

S S on November 16, 2020

Yunanlılar bizim yemekleri çalıyorlar😑

Sardor Erkinov on November 17, 2020

Great video 😊

Victor on November 17, 2020

Greece is a lovely part of world to live… Love for Greece – love for people – love for nature

Chrissy Zach on November 23, 2020

Hey Luke! Love the series!!
I live falafelas, they wraps are delicious
But I was wondering why you paid 4,50! When I go I pay 3,80!

Georgi Xampilidis on November 24, 2020

Tour guide k transfer
George +306989937393.thanks

Mehmet Ali Ucar on November 27, 2020


adzimah johdi on December 8, 2020

Love this series. Healthy food n quite cheap.

asih geboy on December 18, 2020


Nicholas Tsagkos on December 20, 2020

Fantastic video, watch out with the fluids (like honey), as far as i know airports allow up to 100 ml and in total 1 liter, so a single container must not be over 100 ml.
BTW i think you might need to take a DNA ancestry test to find out if you have any Greek genes, or maybe you were Greek in previous life because your food culture, like the way you eat etc reminds me a lot of the Greek way.

Usman Dar on December 24, 2020

I love Greece ❤️ 🇬🇷 🇵🇰

makis pas on January 10, 2021

Your channel is like souper louxoury porno with exotic taste ssllrrpp i need souvlaki right know and cold beer

adam devlin on January 18, 2021

Heaven has a place on earth ❤️❤️

Umananda Giri on January 18, 2021

Love these videos on greece

Ozzy Oz on January 24, 2021

please don't grow mustache again:)

Mike Mastoros on January 26, 2021

Αρε μαλακα πεινάσαμε βραδιάτικα

Flannel Guy DIY on January 31, 2021

At 9:30 the warlord is shredding!

Ender Cifci on February 7, 2021


Purple worx on February 9, 2021

Damn souvlaki in the Center of Athens (monastiraki, syntagma) is maybe the worst you can ever try lol, idk how you liked that.

Mustafa Bozok on February 18, 2021

Yemekleri az çalın amk

1234 on February 18, 2021

Bunlar en hirsiz millettir

Mr Singh on March 2, 2021

I love souvlaki and greek salad

Plapoytas Plapi on March 19, 2021

06:55 nice babe

Sheenu Verma on March 21, 2021

Hi your video nice bahut achi lagi

Ahmed Rabbani on April 4, 2021

Live from Canada

Ahmed Rabbani on April 4, 2021

Love from Canada

Merixa love on April 8, 2021

We stay 400 year in greece they are eating our foods

Natali‘s Creation on April 9, 2021

Fresh Market every time
that’s is a Greece😉😁

Erman Er on April 20, 2021

It is normal to eat kebab here. because there was an Ottoman empire here before. I read the old Greek language and literature at the university in Turkey. I know greek culture.

Eduardo Viajero on September 17, 2021

Love how your videos looks so professional, yet it still has the vlogger quality and not some over produced TV show. Greece looks so beautiful. But the pandemic happened, so for some people, we’d have to wait to get there. Also love that fish in a cone. Though id never eat fish with no rice. I just like the cone. The talking with the mask on though is not nice. Really nice food.

dmrs Crystal on November 3, 2021

Μπουζουκι φορώντας μπλουζάκι warlord… Υπέρ του δέοντος cult! Ελλαδάρα.

Heisen Berg on November 11, 2021


Athanasios Roumanas on November 17, 2021

8:02 Kebab? This is a gyro my friend

CreeperBean on January 1, 2022

Its o thanasis

Sheila on February 7, 2022


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