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Japanese Street Food – GRILLED EEL BBQ + CHEAP SEAFOOD Omakase!! BEST Japanese Food in Taipei!

Japanese Street Food - GRILLED EEL BBQ + CHEAP SEAFOOD Omakase!! BEST Japanese Food in Taipei!

EP.4 Street Food Around the World in Taiwan – JAPAN


This is the next episode from our Street Food Around the World Series. Today, we are back in Japan! Japan’s influence in Taiwan is undeniable, and that means that delicious and authentic Japanese food is always available. We are going to be eating all of the Japanese classics in this video!
We start our day in Jizhouan Literature Forest to check out the beautiful Japanese architecture and garden. Next, we stopped into a traditional restaurant serving unagi don, which is Japanese BBQ eel over rice. It is traditionally served in a lacquer box. The eel is grilled over charcoal and coated in layers of Japanese BBQ sauce. We also ordered unagi tomago roll (eel and egg) and Japanese beer. It was a delicious start to day (560 NTD / USD $18.92 total).
Next, for dessert we go to Taipei Main Station where you can get street food style Taiyaki. Taiyaki is a type of cake that is pan cooked in the shape of a fish. You can choose from many different stuffings, but we ordered red bean, which is very common in Japan. It is made fresh before your eyes! (50 NTD / USD $1.69 each).
We wanted to see some of the historical buildings from colonial Japan so we visited the Qidong Street Japanese Houses. Unfortunately, it is temporarily closed, but seeing the buildings from outside the gate transports you back in time. We also checked out Nishi Honganji Relics, which is a reconstructed Japanese Buddhist Temple. Both demonstrate real Japanese architecture, and are worth checking out while in Taipei.
Before dinner, we wanted to have a Japanese street food that famous around the world: Takoyaki. Takoyaki are an Osakan dish that is made of a batter with octopus, green onions and ginger that is grilled in a specialized pan that forms the batter into a ball. These balls are topped with mayonnaise, seasoning and bonito flakes. These are the perfect bite sized Japanese snacks! (70 NTD / USD $2.36).
For our final meal of the day, we found an absolute HIDDEN GEM. A street food restaurant that serves a REAL Japanese omakase. Omakase translates to “leave it up to you”, meaning the chef. The chef prepares sushi dishes and seafood of their choice, based on seasonality and their expertise. All you need to do at this restaurant is chose a price. We chose the 1000 NTD option and got over 15 dishes. The atmosphere on the street was casual and relaxing, but there was nothing casual about the food. It was exactly like the dishes you can find in prestigious and private Japanese kitchens. And you cannot beat the quality and price of this meal!!! (1000 NTD / USD $33.78).

Restaurant Info
1 – Jizhouan Literature Forest
No. 107號, Tong’an Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
2 – Fei Qian Wu
3號No. 1, Zhongshan North Road, Section 1, Lane 121, Zhongshan District, Taipei
3 – Taiyaki in Taipei Main Station
No. 49, Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
4 – Qidong Japanese Street Houses
No. 25, 27號, Section 2, Jinan Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
5 – Nishi Honganji Relics
No. 174號, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Wanhua District, Taipei
6 – 大阪屋章魚燒
No. 11號, Tayou Road, Songshan District, Taipei
7 – Street Food Omakase 阿東師
No. 39號, Section 5, Civic Blvd, Songshan District, Taipei

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Luke Martin on June 21, 2020

What episode from our "Street Food Around the World in Taiwan" series has been your favourite so far?! Any guesses whats next?
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鶴帥 on July 2, 2020

請問luke台北那間 日式居酒街邊店地址在哪裡 我看了非常喜歡 很有正統日本味 謝謝❤

Rob Est on July 4, 2020

Damn luke. The chef probably thought youre a michelin scout. Hahaha.

Yummy Food Secrets on July 5, 2020


맛있는거리Tasty Street on July 5, 2020

nice~~ food~~❤❤👍

Darwin Taslim on July 7, 2020

U certainly looks like young keanu reeves

Satish Kumar on July 12, 2020

That was awesome continuation for Japanese street food in Taiwan. I have not been to Japan yet but it makes me miss Japan anyways. Hope you guys go to Japan soon and share the food vlogs from there. Arigato Gozaimasu(Japanese language learner) 😀

DabGodX on July 14, 2020

1:12 i said gad damn

Preetha Sushma on July 29, 2020

Am your recent subscriber I like all your videos every time when I open my mobile first thing I do is watching Luke Martin videos all foods are so yummy I liked from India

Tokyo Paul 360 on August 13, 2020

I have had the teriyaki. You can eat it in Akihabara Japan.

katchan t on August 25, 2020

sauce……really plus sauce oh my !
my recommend’s using japanese pepper named sanshou in japanese.

bakugo katsuki on August 28, 2020

I miss Japan

e e on September 5, 2020

Everything looks awesome and authentic other than those abhorrent looking Tatoyaki. As someone who has eaten that in Japan on an off for over two decades I can safely say I have never seen any batter be that watery and bubbly. There’s no way that had the authentic texture of Tatoyaki. Blechhhh

TheAStein on October 28, 2020

Guys watch your show since years .. love it !!!

Vitamin D on November 1, 2020

beitou is definitely little japan

തോമാച്ചായൻ on November 12, 2020


Miroslav Mates on January 13, 2021

Funny how you always seem uncomfortable with chopsticks…on chopsticks channel 😀

Stephen P on March 21, 2021

22:05 There's no way that would cost you $500 in Tokyo. There are many levels of sushi. What you were served looks pretty average albeit good value. However you can't compare it to the quality of top end stuff in Tokyo that costs $250+ per person.

Boo on March 25, 2021

Was that a charcoal grill?

2LatroP - Martin on April 21, 2021

I love your vods! <3 and a friend, his name is Linh is a big fan of Sabrina, she is lovely! stay well <3

Anup Chandra Mondol on May 8, 2021

Japanese food has no variation.Just Tuna fish,fish & fish.It's boaring!

Spanish Jo on June 14, 2021

You talk and eat like mark Wein

robert navarrete on July 28, 2021

Luke, I enjoy your travels and food vloging , you always indicate the cost of each item.

LeRoy W. Lee on February 7, 2022

Okay. We already know what Sabrina's rear-end looks like. Another parting view please! Thanks, YouTube.

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