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MUTTON BIRYANI | Layered Mutton Biryani Recipe Cooking In Village | Goat Biryani Cooking & Eating

MUTTON BIRYANI | Layered Mutton Biryani Recipe Cooking In Village | Goat Biryani Cooking & Eating

Mutton Biryani Recipe is all time favorite for south Indian Peoples. Because of mutton biryani gives extraordinary taste with amazing healthy species.

Today we cook layered mutton biryani recipe by pouring rice and biryani mutton gravy in a single vessel.

To make this tasty mutton gravy, we use healthy and traditional ingredients. Finally, we eat delicious mutton biryani with Eggs.


leiledian magno on February 15, 2022


Kalees K. Kalees on February 15, 2022

Super karuppu anna supera pesurar piriyaniyum super

Aayush kumar on February 15, 2022

I just love this video. I really want to meet you guys❤️. Love from kolkata..

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Megobeituo Beituo on February 16, 2022


Jeevitha Mani on February 16, 2022

🥰😘I liked in the Biriyani 😘🥰

Yum Habibi Yum on February 17, 2022

Good one

Kervens angline Saintil on February 17, 2022


Divya Balasingam on February 17, 2022

ayyanar is too selfish when eat …he thinks he the one only guy hungryy

Keerthana Dhinakaran on February 17, 2022

2 kai use panringa 🙄🙄 mixing mottan

Nagu mj on February 17, 2022

Annaa Definitely One Day I will meet you and taste your Food as Your Fan😀😀😀 and will give Sharity for those Gold people's😊😊😊

Min Kha on February 17, 2022

A sa ma lay kun

Lekkala Anil on February 17, 2022

Konchem slow ga thinadi Ra nayana

Naga nagarahvu D boos on February 18, 2022

ಲೇ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಮುಖ ಮೂಚೂಂಗ ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಮಾತಾನಾಡೋವರೆಗೊ no ಲೈಕ್

Na sri Lanka ugga uruku vantha enakum sapadu tharuvegala

B Positive on February 19, 2022

Hi am in kerala….. I like ur presentation… Very much
… All members are very loveable and sincere and also naturality… Eapecialy that black one…. Don't unrestimate calling "black "because i don't no their names… Thats wy..i respect the old man ….. Any way….all the best god bless u always 👍👍💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏

Lad Samadhan on February 19, 2022

Tumchaya madhe to kalu ahe na to khup lalchi ahe haplel ahe to bhikari

Sonianita Dhar on February 20, 2022


Muje bhi shakil kerlo party me……😜💝

Kazia Sultana konok on February 20, 2022

Assalamualaykum I'm from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩,i watch yor every video.i love your cooking style. & LOVE u Tamil Nadu 💚💙🧡❤️💛

Raghavendra Nayak on February 20, 2022

Very good, but one or the other day the cameraman will throw his recording device into the vessels im sure 😂😂😂 make video from distance bro eyes will go off like this if you record means… All the best next time

Gaming with Akash on February 20, 2022


Diamond on February 21, 2022

I do not understand either I am Japanese and knows English and Japanese

J P TECH KANNADA on February 22, 2022


Muthu samy S on February 23, 2022

Super anna

BLACK 444 on February 23, 2022

I don't understand yours language but watch love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Yanie Buluk on February 23, 2022

Cocote Sempal 😂

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