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Nigeria’s Bushmeat Farms!! Eating Giant Rat with Miss Nigeria!!

Nigeria’s Bushmeat Farms!! Eating Giant Rat with Miss Nigeria!!

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ADDRESS: Epe, Lagos, Nigeria

🇳🇬 AKARA (Bean Cakes): Wash, peel and grind beans. Grind red chili pepper and onion, then mix all together with the ground beans in a bowl. Create circle bean cakes and fry in oil.

🥣 PAP: Add soaked ground corn mixture to boiling hot water and mix until it becomes a thick consistency.

🐐GOAT PEPPER SOUP: Boil goat meat | Soup: Boil water and add plantain, add ground red chili pepper and onion mixture. Add lemongrass and local seasoning and allow it to boil. Add boiled goat meat and salt. Add chicken seasoning and then serve when ready.
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2. MAMA J’s
ADDRESS: Epe, Lagos, Nigeria

🇳🇬ỌBẸ AND AGAGE BREAD: Beans: Pick the beans and separate them from the shaft. Pour beans into boiling water, add salt and onions. Allow beans to cook for about 30 minutes. | Meat Stew: In a pot, heat up a mixture of palm oil and groundnut oil. Add a mixture of red onion, red pepper, and tomato. Add salt and minced chicken. Cook for 20 minutes. | To Serve: Add the stew and beans into a bowl and serve with Agage Bread
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ADDRESS: Epe, Lagos, Nigeria
SOCIAL: @agroparkng

🇳🇬 GRASSCUTTER: In a very large cooking vessel, add chopped grasscutter, chopped red onion, chicken seasoning, salt, scent leaf and mix. Add more chicken seasoning and black pepper and continue stirring. Allow it to cook for about 15 minutes. Separately, blend red onion, tomatoes and red chili peppers. In a new cooking vessel, add oil then add the partially cooked grasscutter meat to lightly fry it. In a third cooking vessel, add oil and pour in the blended mixture of red onion, tomato and red chili pepper. Stir it around and add chopped red onion, salt, black pepper and scent leaves. Add the grasscutter. Continue stirring until it is ready.

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Best Ever Food Review Show on April 27, 2020

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PS. This video was recorded before the pandemic.

Charles Antwi on November 12, 2021

Miss Nigeria is so amazing. I like her personality #charlesfarmingproject

MOSIMANEGAPE DIPUDI on November 13, 2021

Thats why nigerian guys are so big

Felicia Moniq on November 13, 2021

Please some animals carry diseases. Let us not do this please.

Emmanuel Ugwu on November 19, 2021

This guy had been going to places around the world without security escort. It reaches Nigeria and he had to go around with a security escort. Which way my Country?

Babsi Schwanzer on November 20, 2021

no waaaaay this is sooooo disgusting

3:05 I thought it was a dog but it wasn’t But I was confuse about it.

W123 on November 30, 2021

Channels like this are making television redundant!

Adolf hitler gaming on December 2, 2021

god damn is this tall, sonny is like 6'3 and she's taller than him i think

Erik Resendiz on December 9, 2021

Shit, I'm too old to get tall from eating giant rat meat; for you youngsters take advantage and eat as much rat meat as you can to get tall

RockMan on December 12, 2021

I always loved Legos as a kid

Gabriel bik on December 15, 2021

Love that hair 4:06

sherene Edwards on December 16, 2021

I think south African people are the most creative people when it come on to food and favors even with limited resources

Rohaan Khan on December 16, 2021

Congratulations miss ban your flight on all worlds on your foods

vincent malama on December 17, 2021

That first girl is very pretty.

1Ave7_ Brucey on December 18, 2021

now that’s just nasty

Blink on December 18, 2021


Amar hassan on December 19, 2021

Very bad food they eating

Monski on December 25, 2021

Look like mini capybara.

Konrad Budzisz on December 25, 2021

Zjedzą wszystko jest tam brud i brud nigdy tam nie jedz. Chyba że na Safari polowanie z bardzo dobrą sprawdzoną firmą to tyle

bbrandon5567 on December 26, 2021

I encourage everyone to eat giant rat and grow taller like me 😂😂😂

حمد المري on January 5, 2022


dick laurent on January 7, 2022

Didn't know Chiellini was doing food videos!

Richard Games on January 9, 2022

sorry to say this but eating animals like that caused covid 19

Lou on January 11, 2022

You do everything for views. You even got a heart? Why do humans eat everything they see. I don’t understand. You even eat animals alive. Disgusting. This guy is cold hearted

Davius Davis on January 14, 2022

No wonder Nigerians are trying to get to Europe. This caused Ebola.

Xiong Her on January 15, 2022

Beautiful ladie, hands down

Marie Cadely on January 15, 2022

Yummmy giant rats

P Pearl on January 17, 2022

When you are respectful to others you keep your sanity. You are happy when you respect others. Good for you Sunny

Sajed666_CODM on January 17, 2022

Uuuh there was hair in your spooooooon in that goat food thing

Keith Callaway on January 18, 2022

Dude you don’t eat bush meat they carrrie Ebola virus

Aslanim 61 on January 20, 2022


Travis Wilson on January 22, 2022

I had pop as a child near Bertoa in Cameroon. I really liked it but I don't know if I still would

quantomic1106 on January 23, 2022

Miss Nigeria is such a cool gal. I expected someone like her to be bratty.

S Sawa on January 24, 2022

She is great, very humble and beautiful.

Justin Jermel on January 25, 2022

7:31 guy in the background looking directly at the camera and showing off his money 😂

Isy Fabia on January 26, 2022

Rewatching this for the second time, just absolutely love everything about this video. Proud Nigerian 🇳🇬

Sigrid Kaag on February 6, 2022

China 2.0 puting dead animals on eachother crazy.

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