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PAKISTAN STREET FOOD : Kashmiri Pink Tea + Village Food and CRAZY Pakistani Party in Punjab!!

PAKISTAN STREET FOOD : Kashmiri Pink Tea + Village Food and CRAZY Pakistani Party in Punjab!!

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Welcome back to Pakistan! In this video, we have a very special experience and meal to share with you! We will be visiting a rural village in Punjab province to experience what Pakistani village life is like. You are not going to want to miss this one!

We started in Gujranwala for breakfast, eating Hareesa. This is a local favorite from Gujranwala and is made from boiled wheat mixed with mutton, spices and desi ghee. The dish is so rich and will fill you up for hours! It was also imperative to have a hot cup of tea before our drive to the village, so we stopped at a local Kashmiri chai wala. Kashmiri chai is so striking because of its pink color. It is made by boiling green tea leaves for a long time. Sodium bicarbonate is added to the boil, which reacts with the leaves to produce a light pink color. After boiling, milk is added as well as cardamom. Depending on your preference, you can add as much sugar or salt as you’d like! Kashmiri chai was a culinary highlight for us in Pakistan.

We arrived at the Punjabi village in time for a celebration – filled with dancing and traditional folk music played on the Dhol. Although we were told that these types of celebrations were customary for many occasions, including weddings, we had never experienced such an electrifying celebration. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences in our travel history. The community was kind enough to cook us saag, which is a mix of green veggies including spinach cooked with spices served with roti. It was the BEST saag we have tried yet. We are so thankful to the village community for hosting us.

After saying our goodbyes, we hit the road toward Islamabad and arrived late at night, hungry for more Pakistani foods. We visited the very famous Savour Foods to try chicken pulao. Pulao is unique because the rice is cooked in a rich stock. Each grain of rice is fully infused with broth. The pulao is topped with chicken and shami kebab to bulk up this dish, and served with raita on the side!

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Luke Martin on February 14, 2021

That was an EPIC day of celebrating in the villages of Pakistan!!! We hope you enjoyed this video, and don't forget to follow us here: &

Anita on July 1, 2021

Not sure I could pet those beautiful baby animals and then turn around slaughter and eat them. But, that's me.

Mitis on July 25, 2021

Pakistani bread looks great. Greetings from Turkey to my Pakistani brothers. i love you all so much <3

Emiliyan Yankov on July 25, 2021

These kids can seriously dance! 🔥🤘😀

Laritalia26 on August 21, 2021

❤️ Amazing video, but where are Women? Where are Girls? Also in the previous videos there were no women, can't they work?

Mumtaz Khawaja on August 26, 2021

I'm from Azaad kashmir and our breakfast not finish without kashmiri tea

Gerard Manfroid on October 20, 2021

Good to see yoou have dressed as locals ! Lets not confuse Kashmir and Pakistan…but it would be interesting to know what is actaully Pakistani (ex-Indian territory) and what is just North-Western Indian food culture…Thanks for this good video !

Ambreen Yousuf on November 2, 2021

🥺 pakistanies are love ❣

Faisal Haroon Uppal on November 13, 2021

My hometown, Gujranwala 💓🇵🇰 i miss Kashmiri Pink Tea, here in Malaysia.

Usman Rasheed on November 15, 2021


Fakher Abbas on November 29, 2021

Your videos are very comprehensive. You not only covered Pakistan traditional foods but also covered historical places. This makes your videos special. Generally food bloggers keep their videos only on food , but you went an extra mile by covering historical places. Good Luck and keep it up.

Faizan Azmat on December 17, 2021


Hush on December 20, 2021

Yes that unique pink Kashmiri tea, my favourite. As a Pakistani who spent most of his life living abroad, I remember those very confident Pakistani kids…with bomb proof immune systems. Must be the fresh organic food of the country. Unfortunately I've heard Pakistan has been importing a lot of their pesticides and fertilisers from abroad. Not sure to what scale that is happening but I'd rather Pakistan stick to its organic traditions. Hopefully Prime Minister Imran Khan will steer the country towards the right direction. He's a one man army. And yes all those channa/egg and other dishes you've shown…. yes, just out of this world.

Deep Batra on December 29, 2021

Hihi, i was wondering if you took any precautions before going there. Vaccinations? Tablets? Did you have an upset stomach any time during your stay there?

hyder javed on January 13, 2022

as a pakistani living in america i love your videos

Rounak Ghosh on January 17, 2022

Kashmir belongs to India won't let your propaganda suceed

love you guys

Kat Bury on February 10, 2022

Aww how beautifully they are enjoying there life wow so beautiful ❤️

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