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Ree Drummond's Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes | The Pioneer Woman | Food Network

Ree Drummond's Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes | The Pioneer Woman | Food Network

The classic comforting cheesy side dish can (and should) be YOURS.
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Take one sassy former city girl, her hunky rancher husband, a band of adorable kids, an extended family, cowboys, 3,000 wild mustangs, a herd of cattle and one placid basset hound and you have The Pioneer Woman. The Pioneer Woman is an open invitation into Ree Drummond’s life: The award-winning blogger and best-selling cookbook author comes to Food Network and shares her special brand of home cooking, from throw-together suppers to elegant celebrations. The series, set against the incredible story of life at home on the range, is the next best thing to actually sitting on a stool in Ree’s kitchen.

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Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes
Level: Easy
Total: 1 hr 20 min (includes cooling time)
Active: 25 min
Yield: 6 to 8 servings


2 tablespoons softened salted butter
8 large russet potatoes, cleaned
3 cups heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 1/2 cups grated fontina cheese
6 ounces queso blanco, grated
1 1/2 cups grated white Cheddar
2 tablespoons sliced fresh chives


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Butter a 9-by-13-inch baking dish with the butter.

Dice the potatoes and place in the prepared baking dish.

Combine the cream and milk in a bowl. Add the flour, salt and pepper. Whisk together until the flour is incorporated. Pour the cream mixture over the top of the potatoes.

Cover with foil and bake for 20 minutes. Uncover and top with the cheeses. Bake for an additional 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Sprinkle over the chives and serve.

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Ree Drummond’s Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes | The Pioneer Woman | Food Network


Linda Rivera on February 17, 2021

How long the patatoes have to be in the oven before putting on the Cheese? IT looks so delicious..thank you.

James Goacher on February 17, 2021

Cheese Au-Cheese or Gratin with-Gratin. Huum! I like to have a bit of cheese in with the milk. Same mix will go well with cauliflower or brocolli.

Heidi D on February 17, 2021

I prefer it when the potatoes are sliced. But I suppose they'll take a little longer to cook.

Love that smile. The food is on point.

magee113 on February 17, 2021

Bought one of your cookbooks, made 5 recipes, (Okay…, I had to tweak each just a 'little' for my family's tender tastebuds…) but each received 3 thumbs up and the request to make them again!!! 💚 💛 💜 Hugs!!!!

Drew Adams on February 17, 2021

Suddenly , my lunch hour meal, has no appeal…

WD Harris on February 17, 2021

No rat in the kitchen today?

ERIKA DOWDY on February 17, 2021

Want a little bit of potatoes with that cheese?!? Lol

Ms K W on February 17, 2021


Karishma Persaud on February 17, 2021 on Instagram

wendy wadford on February 17, 2021

That was a lot of pepper

Lisa Gill on February 17, 2021


Rhonda Willhite on February 18, 2021

I've been in her kitchen there at the lodge.

Sweety’s Life in England on February 18, 2021

I will try it

Pink Cats on February 18, 2021

Love it 👍Ree you are a great cook 😁

Rebecca Shuman on February 18, 2021

Yum! I admire this recipe! Tasty! My mom makes a similar recipe like this. So traditional, in other words, I love this recipe much better

Ed Steward on February 18, 2021

Different way to do that! I'll try some of those ideas.

Kate Ortiz on February 18, 2021

I love you girl! You're more than a chef on the Food Network. You're a successful business woman. I see your frozen foods at my grocery store!

John Veglio on February 18, 2021

You lost me the first second when you left the peel on the potato !!!!

Food Trails on February 18, 2021

Your kitchen is so beautiful 😅 I have watched soo many but yours is full of wood. Gives me a vintage feeling as if…. a place where grandma would cook warm delights

Starboy 1988 on February 18, 2021

Is process chess velveeta cheese.

Khmer Dishes on February 18, 2021

Look so yummy and it easy to make.

Papa Top Recipes on February 18, 2021

Love Your Cooking And Love Your Every Recipe Created By Channels By Watching Your Cooking God Bless You😋😋😋😋

En Samayal Videos on February 18, 2021

Will try

Nick Coy on February 20, 2021

What is that sound around the :50 mark?

Marty McFLY 1985 on February 23, 2021



Jerrilyn Ernsting on March 23, 2021

Love potatoes augratin

gogrannygo on April 1, 2021

😋 yummy

flowersnpearls on April 4, 2021

Ree, i can always count on you when I need to make some great comfort food. I love the simplicity of your techniques and the accessibility of your ingredients. Plus, the recipes are very tweak-able. Best wishes from one of your fans across the ocean in Guam!

Maria Spagnulo on April 11, 2021


shook on April 27, 2021

My sister used to make this a lot, it’s soooo delicious.

Tori Ryan on June 9, 2021

I very much value that they made a short video👌🏼

aoudjit78 on November 10, 2021


Robin Burros on December 23, 2021

Could you add some finely sliced onion?

Monica Wilson on December 25, 2021

I think next time I’ll let them cook covered for another 10-15 minutes. The potatoes were just not quite done with the times listed. I also added just a touch of paprika to give it a bit of a punch.

Mary Key on December 26, 2021

I made this and it’s delicious! 🎄😊 my husband loved it.

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